Laundry. There's so much more to it than just washing clothes. The happiness of a favourite garment freshly restored and ready to wear; the satisfaction of crisp, clean linens expertly folded; the joy of a simple task done well. Good laundering is caring for things that you love and taking a more mindful approach to the home. This doesn't always have to involve time and effort, but it does take knowledge. And that's where Laundry magazine steps in. We debunk the myths, reveal the forgotten arts that really work and combine them with modern-day, expert techniques. When to wash jeans; how to clean sneakers; clever stain removers; folding and storing clothing; time-saving products and equipment and recipes for safe, natural cleaning solutions.

And we want to deliver more than simply practical advice. Alongside the hints and tips we explore the ecological impact of washing and drying clothes; champion cultural pioneers and revolutionary start-ups; showcase stylish launderettes around the world and even speak to experimental music-makers.

From advice on where to house your washing machine to using the sun's rays to clean your woollens, we hope Laundry will inspire you to make a fresh start. Pragmatic and useful, passionate and creative, use it to breeze through your chores, organise your home and brighten up your life.

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